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xinhuafa provides the mud pump bimetal cylinder liner

xinhuafa provides the mud pump bimetal cylinder liner

2020/01/02 15:16
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Xinhuafa provides the mud pump bimetal cylinder liner
Mud pump: f1300/1600 mud pump, f800/1000 mud pump, zj rig accessories, rubber parts and other products.
F series mud pump:Manifold, intermediate rod, crosshead, valve assembly, hydraulic valve, valve guide (up, down), the guide plate (upper and lower), suffering box, wear plate, clamp assembly, double metal liner, joint type relief valve, Angle valve, shear pin valve, piston nut, piston rod, fixed card, locking spring, cylinder liner lock ring, flange, cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder liner flange valve, valve seat, valve spring, plug, cylinder cage, plug board assembly, air bag assembly, brake drum, cushion ring, spray pump, hand brake valve, gear pump, filter assembly, discharge mesh, dischargeFilter discharge line, bolts, connecting rod, quick connectors, seismic pressure gauge, safety valve pin, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, bent pipe, copper plate, die rope retainer, line card, rope stopper, exclusive rope rope machine, various types of joint, various specifications, the torsion bar, all kinds of leaf spring, all kinds of valve, relief valve piston, cylinder liner gland, rubber parts, etc
Rig supporting equipment: tour car hook, crane, faucet;Drilling clutch series: common clutch, ventilated clutch, pneumatic clutch, brake shoe, clutch assembly.
Rubber parts: oil seal ring, suction air seal, double lip oil seal, discharge air seal, air suction, lining rubber tube, piston rubber, frame oil seal, valve rubber, bonnet seal ring, fender fluid baffle back up plat