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BOMCO mud pump part

BOMCO mud pump part

2020/01/03 10:56
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The BOMCO mud pump are very common used in the oilfield drilling company.

Very common type:

Description F500 F800 F1000 F1300/1600 F1600HL F2200HL
Liner of Crosshead Upper AH0501010402 AH0801010402 AH1001010402 AH1301010402 AH1301010402 AH2202010402
Liner of Crosshead Lower   AH0801010408 AH1001010409 AH1301010412 AH1301010412 AH2202010403
Pin of Crosshead AH0501010404 AH0801010407 AH1001010408 AH1301010410 AH1301010410 AH2202010410
Extension Rod AH0501010410 AH0801010406 AH1001010407 AH1301010409 AH1301010409 AH2202010409
Sub Rod            
Crosshead AH0501010401 AH0801010401 AH1001010401 AH1301010401 AH1301010401 AH2202010401
Pinion Shaft AH0501010302   AH0801010302   AH1001010302 AH1601010201 AH1601010201  
Wear Ring of Pinion shaft AH0501010303 AH0801010303 AH1001010303 AH1301010303 AH1301010303 AH2202010306
Carrier, Bearing Left AH0501010212 AH0801010213 AH1001010212 AH1601010105 AH1601010105 AH2202010212
Carrier, Bearing Right AH0501010202 AH0801010202 AH1001010202 AH1601010101 AH1601010101 AH2202010202  
Connecting Rod AH0501010206 AH0801010206 AH1001010206 AH1601010103 AH1601010103 AH2202010206
Bull Gear AH0501010210 AH0801010210 AH1001010219 AH160101010400 AH160101010400 AH220201021000
Bolt, Main Bearing AH051020207 AH0801020206 AH1001010215 AH1301010215 AH1301010215 AH2202010215
Bearing, Crosshead 5G354920Q 4G254735Q 5G254936Q AH1301010414 AH1301010414  
Bearing, Pinion Shanft 4G32828H 4G32836H 4G32840H AH1301010312 AH1301010312 AH2202010315
Bearing, Eccentric 92984QU 928/508QU 929/558.8QU AH160101010700 AH160101010700 AH2202010217
Bearing, Main 3053738U 3053748H 4053156H AH160101010800 AH160101010800 AH2202010218