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Mud pump function

Mud pump function

2020/05/13 11:00
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The hydraulic end of mud pump includes liquid cylinder, valve assembly, cylinder liner and piston

1, liquid cylinder liquid cylinder material for alloy steel forging, each pump of the three liquid cylinders can be exchanged.Straight-through liquid cylinder is the structural design of the valve, which reduces the volume of the liquid cylinder and improves the volumetric efficiency.If the user requests, the liquid cylinder surface can be electroless nickel plating treatment, in order to enhance its corrosion resistance.The discharge outlet is equipped with air bag, shear safety valve and discharge filter respectively.The suction inlet of f-500 mud pump is 8" flange, the suction inlet of f-800 mud pump is 10" flange, and the suction inlet of f-1000 mud pump is 12" flange.

2, the valve assembly above three kinds of pump suction valve and discharge valve can be interchangeable.The f-500 pump USES the API 5 # valve, while the f-800 and f-1000 mud pumps use the API 6 # valve.

3, cylinder liner can be used bimetal cylinder liner, cylinder liner made of wear resistant cast iron, hardness up to hrc60-65, cylinder liner wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the inner hole surface finish is high.Cylinder liner is loaded from the cylinder head hole in the front of the cylinder. After the cylinder suit is finished, the cylinder head is fixed with the top cylinder, the cylinder head plug and the cylinder head.

4. The piston rod and piston rod are sealed by the cylinder and rubber sealing ring. The locking nut with anti-loosening is used to tighten the piston, which can not only prevent the piston from loosening, but also play a sealing role after the nut is tightened.The liquid cylinder, cylinder liner, piston, body, seat, valve spring, seal, valve cover, cylinder head and other parts of f-800 and f-1000 mud pump are interchangeable.

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