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Mud pump

Mud pump

2020/05/13 09:46
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The hydraulic fittings produced by Hebei Xinhuafa Petroleum Machinery company are suitable for the following brands of mud pumps: Emsco, Gardner - Denver, National, Oilwell, Ideco, Wilson, Gaso.

The company's products mainly include:

Cylinder liner series: bimetal cylinder liner, ceramic cylinder liner, chrome plated cylinder liner;

Series of piston and accessories: assembled rubber piston, sulfide one-piece polyurethane piston, sulfide one-piece rubber piston, piston core, piston cup, pressing plate, clamping spring, etc.

Intermediate rod, piston rod, clamp series

Valve seat series: three-web valve seat, four-web valve seat, four-jaw valve seat through hole, three-jaw valve seat through hole, combined valve body, valve spring, etc.

Valve box and accessories series: all kinds of valve boxes, valve box assembly and valve box accessories;

Mud pump: three cylinder single action drilling mud pump, oil field high pressure pump and other equipment.We can supply all the F series mud pumps (from F500 to F1600), pz-9 and 12p-160 mud pumps from stock.

The equipment required to manufacture the products is in accordance with the regulations of API (American petroleum institute), the production process is reasonable and effective, and the quality control system of ISO9001 has been established to ensure the quality of the products and the service in place.With advanced technology and reasonable design, the longest service life of bimetal cylinder is more than 800 hours, and the longest service life of ceramic cylinder is more than 4000 hours.

The company produces the valve body seat series product variety many, the specification is complete, the service life reaches 500 hours above, has the three tendons series, the four tendons series, the three claws through hole series, the four claws through hole series and so on, the user may choose according to the mud pump model and the drilling working condition.In addition to the production of the above products, we can also according to customer drawings or samples processing or joint development of various types of oil drilling machinery parts and components to meet the growing demand of the world oil drilling equipment market.