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AH1301010409 BOMCO triplex mud pump F1300 F1600 fluid end parts AH36001-04.10

AH1301010409 BOMCO triplex mud pump F1300 F1600 fluid end parts AH36001-04.10

2022/04/22 10:11
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we mainly make F800 1000 1300 1600 2200 pump and spare parts, such as manual brake valve, gear pump

,discharge strainer accessory ass manifold ,strainer, discharge pipe, bolt and nut ,connecting rod

,connectors,anti-shock pressure gauge, safety valve pin,gauge base and gauge seat ,elbow ,copper

plate,dead line anchor ,kinds of joints,various torsion bars, different types of leaf spring ,kinds of

valves,safety valve piston ,cylinder sleeve gland,rubber parts and so on

If your friend want to buy this kind of parts we can make business soon .


AH050101050100 AH100101050100 AH100101050100
AH0501010502 AH1001010502 AH1001010502
AH0501010503 AH1001010503 AH1001010503
AH0501010504 AH1001010504 AH1001010504
AH050101050500 AH100101050500 AH100101050500
AH0501010506 AH1001010506 AH1001010506
‘530301010750053000 ’530301010975035000 ‘530301010975035000
75*5.3 97.5*3.55 97.5*3.55
AH0501010507 AH0801010501 AH1001010507
AH0501010508 AH1001010508 AH1001010508
T503-1001 T503-1002 T503-1002
(M33X3X210) (M39X260) (M39X260)
T507-2009 T507-2011 T507-2011
(M33X3) (M39X3) (M39X3)
AH0501010509 AH1001010509 AH1001010509
AH0501010510 AH1001010510 AH1001010510
AH100101051100 AH100101051100 AH100101051100
AH0501010511 AH1001010512 AH1001010512
AH00000101 AH00000101 AH00000101
AH0000020500 AH0000020100 AH0000020100
T507-302.00 T507-305.00 T507-305.00
AH050101051400 AH100101051400 AH100102050100
’530301010280035000 AH1001010515 AH1001010515
AH050101051500 AH080101050400 AH100101051900
AH0501010512 AH0801010502 AH1001010516
AH050101051300 AH100101052800 AH000003020100
AH050101052400 AH100101051700 AH100101051700
AH0501010516 AH1001010520 AH1001010520
AH0501010517 AH1001010521 AH1001010521
AH050101051800 AH100101052200 AH100101052200