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BOMCO F1600HL Drilling Mud Pump Cylinder Cover Flanger

BOMCO F1600HL Drilling Mud Pump Cylinder Cover Flanger

2022/04/25 11:26
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Drilling Mud Pump Parts 

BOMCO Series:F500/F800/F1000/F1300/F1600/F1600HL/F2200HL.

HH Series:HHF500/HHF800/HHF1000/HHF1300/HHF1600/HHF2200

Rongsheng Series:RSF500/RSF800/RSF1000/RSF1300/RSF1600

Qingzhou Series:QZ3NB500,QZ3NB800,QZ3NB1000,QZ3NB1300A,QZ3NB1600.


Tools attachment AH1301011600 AH36001-17.00 Valve rod guides(lower) AH130101050500 AH36001-05A.05.00
KB-75 Pulsation Dampener AK75350100 AH33002-00A Cylinder head plug AH130101050600 AH36001-05A.06.00
JA-3 Shear Relief Valve AH0000060100 AH33003-00 Positioning plate AH1301010507 AH36001-05A.07
Cover Plate Assembly AH1301011800 AH36001-21B.00 Cylinder head gasket AH1301010508 AH36001-05.08
Adjusting shim AH13010119 AH36001-23 Discharge manifold AH1301010509 AH36001-05.09
Main bearing end cover AH130101020100 AH36001-02.01C.00 Valve spring AH00000101 AH33001-05.16A
Main bearing set (right) AH1301010202 AH36001-02.02 O-ring φ95×5.3   530301011900035507 GB3452.1-82
Main bearing set (right) AH1601010101 AH37001-01.02 Valve assembly API 7 through-hole AH0000020300 AH36001-05.12A.00
Main bearing set (left) AH1301010212 AH36001-02.13 Valve cover sealing ring AH1301010510 AH36001-05.13
Main bearing set (left) AH1601010105 AH37001-01.06 Valve cover AH1301010511 AH36001-05.14A
Hollow crank shaft AH130101021000 AH36001-02.10D.00 Cylinder liner seal AH1301010512 AH36001-05.15
Hollow crank shaft AH160101010400 AH37001-01.05D.00 Wearing plate AH1301010513 AH36001-05.16A
Pinion Shaft AH1301010302 AH36001-03.02 Cylinder liner flange AH1301010514 AH36001-05.17
Pinion Shaft AH1601010201 AH37001-02.01A  Cylinder liner gland AH130101051500 AH36001-05.18.00
Connection rod AH1301010206 AH36001-02.06 Piston rod AH1301010516 AH36001-05.19A
Connection rod AH1601010103 AH37001-01.04 Spray pipe assembly AH130101051700 AH36001-05.20B.00
Retainer ring AH1301010213 AH36001-02.14 O-ring Φ200X7   530301012000070000 GB3452.1-82
Retainer ring AH1601010106 AH37001-01.07 Cylinder liner lock ring AH1301010518 AH36001-05.22
Eccentric Bearing928/660.4QU                                 NUP464776Q4/C9/YA4 AH1301010217 AH36001-02.19.00 Clamp assembly AH130101051900 AH36001-05.24.00
Eccentric Bearing929/660.4QU,                    NUP464777Q4/C9YA4 AH1601010107 AH37001-01.08.00 Cylinder end cover AH1301010520 AH36001-05.27
Main bearing4053160H  24060CA/W33 AH1301010218 AH36001-02.20.00  piston AH130101052100 AH36001-05.28.00
Main bearing3003760Y  23160/W33 AH1601010108 AH37001-01.09.00 Bolt M22×65 420201010616045000 GB5782-86
Outer race retainer AH130101020500 AH36001-02.05 Suction manifold AH130101052200 AH36001-05.32A.00
Outer race retainer AH160101010200 AH37001-01.03 Gasket unit AH130101052300 AH36001-05.33A.00
locating ring(I) AH1301010207 AH36001-02.07 Valve rod guide (upper) AH1001010510 AH33001-05.12
Hollow bearing  AH130101020800 AH36001-02.08A.00 Double armed bolt M39×270 T503-1003               T53-1003
locating ring(II) AH1301010209 AH36001-02.09 Nut 1 M39×3 T507-2011 T57-2011
Bolt M39×3-6g×140 T502-3007 T52-3007 Retainer AH1001010512 AH33001-05.14
Spacer AH1301010211 AH36001-02.12 Bolt M10×20 AH1001010513 AH33001-05.15A
Sealing  washer AH1301010203 AH36001-02.03 Piston packing AH1001010515 AH33001-05.20A
Inner locking ring AH1301010204 AH36001-02.04 Piston unt  T507-305.0 T57-3005.0
Retainer AH1301010214 AH36001-02.15 O-ring Φ185X7   530301011850070000 GB3452.1-82
Main bearing bolt AH1301010215 AH36001-02.16C Suction air chamber AH0000050100 AH33001-05.35A.00
Shim set AH130101021600 AH36001-02.17 Inhalation capsule  AH0000050101 AH33001-05.35A.02
BoltM16×120 T502-6006K T52-6006K End cover AH0000050102 AH33001-05.35A.03
BoltM39×3-6H T507-305.0 T57-3005.0 O-ring Φ345X7   530301011900035507 GB3452.1-82
BoltM16×40 T507-7003K T57-7003K Suction flange (I) AH1001010525 AH33001-05.39
BoltM16×45 420201070716045010 GB5780-86 Suction flange (II) AH1001010526 AH33001-05.40
BoltM16×100 T502-6004K T52-6004K Bolt M27×90 420201070716045010 GB5780-86
Key    2″×2″×11 3/8″ AH1301010301 AH36001-03.01 Stainless steel wire   φ1.6×1830 AH130101040001 GB4240-84
Oil Seal Wear Ring  AH1301010303 AH36001-03.03 Screwed plug NPT 1 1/2 T506-1007 T56-1007
End Cover AH1301010304 AH36001-03.04 Double armed bolt M39×563 AH1301010524 AH36001-05.35B
Gasket AH1301010305 AH36001-03.05 Suction block plate T505-1006               T55-1006
Gasket AH1301010306 AH36001-03.06 Outlet blocking board  T505-1008              T55-1008
Bearing Sleeve AH1301010307 AH36001-03.07B Spring washer 39 AH1001010527 AH36001-05.39
Race Retainer AH1301010308 AH36001-03.10 Bolt M27×80 420201070716045010 GB5780-86
Gasket AH1301010309 AH36001-03.12 Square key 3/16×3/16×1 T516-2001 T516-2001
Oil Gathering Box AH130101031000 AH36001-03.13B.00 Oil pump gear assembly AH100101061200 AH36001-06.20A.00

Skeleton oil seal


AH1301010311 AH36001-03.08A Pipe joint NPT1/4×M14×1.5 T513-1006              T513-1006
BearingNU3044X3M  4G32844H AH1301010312 AH36001-03.09 Gasket unit AH100101060400 AH33001-06.06A.00


Mud pump Consumables Parts Details


Fluid End: liner, , piston rubber, valve body, valve seats, valve rubber, liner seals, cylinder head gasket, valve cover seals, piston rod, clamp assembly, valve cover, cylinder head, flange head, cylinder flange, cylinder cover, inhalationcapsules, etc.


Power End: extension rod, crosshead, crosshead pin, cross pin baffle, upper and lower guide plate, packing boxes, seal ring, oil seal lips


Dampener: Dampener diaphragm, pressure gauges, fittings, tees, angle type valve, relief valve, exhaust valve


Other Accessories: JA-3 valve assembly, the small piston, small rod, cushion, 2S gear pumps, 32PL spray pump.