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Spring relief valve

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Spring type return safety valve

I. Product display and introduction

The Justking 3"RR spring-loaded reposition relief valve protects the mud pump and mud manifold to ensure a safer operation during drilling.Replace shear-type safety valves to reduce mud pump downtime and avoid downhole accidents during pump downtime.The Justking 3"RR Spring Reset Relief Valve is available with LPT, FMC WECO, or 3-1/8" flanges and can be set flexibly with pressure ratings from 400 to 5,000 psi (2.8 to 35 MPa).

Justking 3" type RR spring type reposition safety valve adopts integral piston structure, simple appearance, beautiful appearance, easy to replace wearing parts;Sensitive opening, pressure relief can be achieved without stopping the pump manual reset;The pressure fluid adopts built-in double protection to avoid damage to other equipment and personnel caused by high pressure fluid overflow when sealing failure.

The JustKing 3"RR valve has incomparable advantages with other competitors in the same industry. It is 100% interchangeable with similar foreign products and can be compared with Cameroon B valve.


1 PSI, Bar, KPa three pressure units free conversion;

L Operating pressure adjustable from 400-5000psi (2.8-35MPa);

L Polyethylene seals, longer service life, better anti-corrosion;

L A variety of polymer seals are available to meet the requirements of various fluid environments, suitable for water-based and oil-based mud;

L The valve cover and parts are precision cast to enhance its precision and repeatability;

L Integral outlet end interface (no welding, no bolts);

L The complex shell adopts high precision horizontal machining center for one-time molding;

L Pipes, flanges, FMC WECO hammering can be converted from nonsealing connection port;

L 100,00PSI static pressure test, ensure the high pressure system safe and reliable;

L Standard and sulfur resistant models (hydrogen sulfide) are more widely available to meet the different needs of customers.


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