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Bi metal liner for mud pump of 3NB1600 170mm

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Bimetal Liners

The b-metal liner is composed of two layers and fixed tightly. The outer sleeve is forged steel with abrasion resistance, it adapts the technology of centrigugal forging;  the inner sleeve is high chromium iron with wear&corrosion resistance, after heat treatment, the hardness can reach to a lever of 62 RC.

The bimetal liners produced by us strictly control the tolerance, assure the easy installation, inner sleeve is highly polished with abrasion&corrosive resistance, can used in various bad working environment with longer service life. 

Liner Outer Sleeve: 45#forged steel, tensile strength is σb>610MPa, yield strength is σs>450MPa, ,elongation hardness is §>17%,hardness is HRC180-200
Liner Inner Sleeve: high chromium cast iron (centrifugal forged). Annealing hardness is HRC≤40. Quenching hardness is HRC59-67

Chemical Composition:C 2.8%-3.1%  Cr 26%-28%  Si 0.6%-0.9%  Mn 0.5%-1% Mo 0.5%-0.8% S , P <0.05%;

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