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mud pump valve

mud pump valve

2019/10/21 14:08
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Valve & Seat

Xinhuafa offers a full range of popular used valve and seat to meet your different drilling demands.
Wing-guided Valve and Seat-Full Open
● Forged alloy construction
● Deep carburized wear surface
● Greater fluid flow
● Easier valve maintenance and seat pulling

Three-web and Four –web Design Valve and Seat
● Carburized premium ally steel
● Tested to withstand the harshest service condition
● Easy replacement to insert with a minimum of down time
● Long lasting service life

Avaliable Brands of Valve & Seat:
Bomco full open valve & Seat
Mud King three-web and four-web(cross-arm) valve & seat
Mud King 7V1 Full Open valve & seat
NOV G2 full open valve & seat
Mission service master II valve & seat
Mission silver top valve & seat
Mission FK-1 valve & seat
Mission supreme valve & seat
Gardner Denver three-web valve & seat
Oilwell four-web valve & seat
Roughneck full open valve & seat
Southwest full open valve & seat
Baker double angle valve & seat
Baker plate type valve & seat
Baker WM full open valve & seat
Baker Mud Max full open valve & seat
Drillmec type valve & seat