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mud pump manufacturing progress

mud pump manufacturing progress

2019/05/24 17:04
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mud pump manufacturing progress
The first thing to understand is that the mud pump cylinder liner belongs to the thin-wall parts, which due to the rigidity of the thin-wall workpiece is poor, in the turning process by cutting force and clamping force action is easy to produce deformation, affect the workpiece size accuracy and shape accuracy.Therefore, reasonable selection of clamping method, cutter geometry Angle, cutting parameters and sufficient cooling and lubrication are the key to ensure the precision of thin wall parts.
It should be noted that the parts of the inner circle and the outer circle precision requirements higher, processing should be coarse, fine separate.
In addition, we also need to pay special attention to the mud pump cylinder liner in the final use, is the cylinder liner into the cylinder block, should be re-processed on the inner diameter size.
Mud pump cylinder liner processing process:
Outer sleeve: inspection of raw materials - coat blank processing - thick cylindrical car - thick interior hole - hot charging (hot charging and inner sleeve) - boring hole, fine grinding, fine car
Inner sleeve: centrifugal casting, annealing treatment, thick cylindrical car - thick interior hole, semi finished outside circle, quenching, nondestructive flaw detection, hot charging (hot charging and coat)