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Professional manufacturer to supply mud pump

Professional manufacturer to supply mud pump

2020/03/25 10:30
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The company's main products are cylinder liner, piston, valve assembly, crosshead, middle pull rod, upper and lower guide plate, hydraulic cylinder assembly, wear-resistant plate, cylinder head, valve head, cylinder head flange,
Cylinder liner flange, cylinder liner gland, piston rod, clamp, top cylinder, cylinder head plug, guide up and down, valve cover seal ring,
Cylinder liner sealing ring, cylinder head sealing ring, various skeleton oil seals, double lip oil seals, various o-rings, 2S gear oil pump, overflow valve,
Cushion ring, discharge screen assembly, hydraulic valve extractor, ja-3 shear pin safety valve, air bag exhaust valve, Angle globe valve, tee, etc. (F)
And some blue stone (3NB), F1600 main bearing, F1300 main bearing, F1000 main bearing, F800 main bearing (eccentric wheel bearing, pinion bearing, crosshead bearing)
And faucet bearings, hook bearings, crown bearings, turntable bearings.
Mud pump vulnerable parts sales counterparts throughout the country, foreign customers, dealers, etc., if there is a need to consult in time