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How to choose ceramic cylinder liner

How to choose ceramic cylinder liner

2019/03/26 11:09
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How to choose ceramic cylinder liner
As known,a good ceramic cylinder liner is very important for the whole engine, what should we pay attention to when we buy it?
1, When buying new parts: to check the standard cylinder liner and piston size grouping code, installed cylinder liner and piston must make the standard piston size grouping code and standard cylinder liner size grouping code the same, only in this way to ensure that there is a standard fit gap.Multi-cylinder diesel engines, each cylinder must be installed with the same grouping code cylinder liner and piston.
2, Should pay attention to the inspection of the cylinder plug gap before loading, sometimes the size of the cylinder liner and piston grouping code is the same, in order to ensure the assembly standard, before loading should also be a test, in order to prevent fake and inferior products to cheat.Multi-cylinder high-speed diesel engine, but also pay attention to the weight of the cylinder piston group should be within the prescribed range.
3. Check the clearance of piston plug, use the cylinder gauge to measure the inner diameter of cylinder liner (including roundness and cylindricity error), measure the size of piston skirt with the outer diameter on the ruler, and then calculate the clearance between the two.No condition can be measured with a long piece of thickness gauge, the method is to put the piston upside down into the upper cylinder liner (equivalent to the position of the top dead center), and then push the thickness gauge together with the piston into the cylinder liner), its direction is perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole, the tightness as long as a little force can be pulled out of the thickness gauge is appropriate.And then along the circular direction of the cylinder liner to test a few more points, feel qualified before assembly.After the cylinder set is put into the body, when the piston is loaded, the clearance of the cylinder plug shall be checked again to prevent the cylinder set from being extruded and deformed when it is installed inside the body, affecting the assembly quality.