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F-1600 bimetallic cylinder sleeve

F-1600 bimetallic cylinder sleeve

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2019/02/22 14:18
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The bimetallic cylinder sleeve is one of the most widely used and most used hydraulic fittings of mud pump. The bimetallic cylinder sleeve combines the advantages of a hot forging high wear coat and a high-chromium wear resistant corrosion resistant inner sleeve. The coat adopts a high-quality carbon steel hot press and the inner sleeve is made of high-chromium cast iron centrifugal casting. The coat has a tensile strength higher than 900,000 psi., After heat treatment, the inner sleeve has a hardness of more than HC62 and can withstand the mud pressure of 7,000 psi. The inner surface is smooth as a mirror, and the size tolerance of the inner hole is strict. The normal service life can reach 800 hours or more.
Coat: 45 # forging, tensile strength σ B & GT; 610 MPa, yield strength σ s & GT; 450 MPa, extension rate <UNK> & GT; 17 %, hardness HB180-200.
Envelope: High Chromium cast iron(centrifuge casting), annealed hardness HRC ≤ 40, quenched hardness HRC 60-67.
The coat 45 # steel is forged to resist wear, and the inner sleeve is a ceramic lining, which is tightly bound by the inner and outer layers.