Pumps & Mud Pump Spares

Pumps & Mud Pump Spares
Brewster ® Mud Pumps B-550   •   B-750  •   B-1000   •   1100T   •   B-1300
Continental Emsco ® Mud Pumps F-350  •  F-500  •  F-650  •  F-800  •  F-1000  •  FA-1300  •  FB-1600   FB1600
Gaso ® Mud Pump 1563  •  1740-55  •  1844-60  •  2010-50  •  2200-49  •  2651  •  2652
Gardner Denver ® Mud Pumps PAH  •  PZ-7   PZG  •  PZ-8   PZH  •  PZ-9  PZJ  •  PZ-10   PZK  •   PZ-11   PZL
Gardner Denver ® Well Service TEE  •  PE-5  •  PA-8  •  PAH  •  PJ-8  • TGF-225
Gardner Denver ® Continuous Duty GD-55T  •  GD-60T  •  GD-100T  •  GD-125T  •  GD-150T  •  GD-180T  •  GD-200T
Ideco ® Mud Pumps MM-200  •  MM-300  •  MM-500  •  MM-500F  •  MM-550
Ideco ® Mud Pumps MM-550F  •  MM-700  •  MM-700F  •  T-500
Ideco ® Mud Pumps T-500  •  T-800  •  T-1000  •  T-1300  •  T-1600
National ® J Series Mud Pumps J-30  •  J-60  •  J-100  •  J-165  •  J-275  •  J-375  •  J-625  •  JWS-340  •  JWS-400
National ® Mud Pumps K-280  •  K-380  •  K-500  •  K-500A  •  K-700A
National ® P Series Mud Pumps 7P-50  •  8P-80  •  9P-100  •  10-P-130   10P-130   10-P-130  •  12-P-160 / 12P-160 / 12P160
Oilwell ® Mud Pumps A-350-PT  •  560-PT  •  A-560-PT  •  850-PT  •  A-850-PT  •  1100-PT
Oilwell ® Mud Pumps A-1100-PT  •  1400-PT  •  A-1400-PT  •  1700-PT  •  A-1700-PT / A1700-PT
OPI ® Mud Pumps 350-D •  00-DL  •  700-HDL  •  1000-HDL
Wheatley ®  Mud Pumps 1036  •  6070  •  7024  •  7036


Below is a partial list of mud pump spares, mud pump replacement parts, and mud pump parts that we have available.
Bearing Housing Fluid End Discharge Module Right Hand Crosshead
Bearing Retainer Fluid End Studs & Nuts Ring Gear
Bearing Roller Full Open Valves Rubber Products
Brake Cylinder Gardner Denver Lower Valve Guide Sheave
Choke Valve Gland Brass And Junk Rings Spherical Roller Bearing
Db-550 Stuffing Box Gland Nut Sprocket
F-1000 Threaded Ring And Cap Ideco Mm-700 Duplex Piston Rod Studded Cylinder Module
Crankshaft Ideco T-800 Pony Rod Suction Module
Crosshead Bearing Pin Jackshaft Pinion Triplex Pump Piston Rod & Clamp
Crosshead Liner Left Hand Crosshead Triplex Single Action Piston
Discharge Module Needle Roller Bearing Valve Cover
Duplex Pistons Oil Pressure Gauge Valve Seats
Duplex Pump Liner Packing Cage Assembly Oil Pump Wear Plate
Fail Safe Piston Pinion Shaft Web Valve Seats
  Piston Rod Web Valves

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Recently, the company's business team went abroad to visit customers and explore the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Recently, the general manager of the company led the company's business team to visit customers abroad and explore the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. During the visit, we showed our main products, mud pump accessories, hydraulic end cylinder liner pistons and other core products. At the same time, our company also provided customers with complete sets of equipment and accessories solutions in the field of drilling engineering. Through this visit, our company has consolidated the existing cooperative relationship and discovered a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for market development. Many of these customer groups are leading companies in the oil industry and frequent buyers of Chinese products. Through negotiations, they learned that Chinese products are in great demand and the domestic and foreign oil industries are booming. Xinhuafa Petroleum took advantage of its own factory manufacturing advantages to gain insight into the current domestic and foreign oil industry market conditions, and demonstrated China's leading oil accessories technology and capabilities to target customers of oil drilling and production equipment through on-site visits and demonstrations. In the communication, the business personnel's explanations with pictures and texts and the direct communication with customers have given a greater impetus to the company's continuous development of new markets. After the visit, we will take advantage of the competitive price and stable quality to take the initiative and gain an advantage in the fierce market competition, and become the customer's preferred supplier.

LEWCO WH1300 mud pump replacement parts

Xinhuafa manufactures consumable parts for various OEM mud pumps,and frack pumps, all of our parts are interchangeable with OEMs, including

Summary of our participation in CING2023 | The 13th Beijing International Natural Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Dear partners and representatives, We are honored to have participated in CING2023 | The 13th Beijing International Natural Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition. This exhibition provided us with a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and showcase our latest technologies and equipment with leading industry companies and professionals. During the exhibition, we showcased a range of innovative natural gas technology and equipment, including advanced drilling equipment, compressors and storage devices, pipeline monitoring technologies, and intelligent control systems. These demonstrations garnered widespread attention and facilitated in-depth discussions with professionals from around the world. Our booth became a popular gathering place, attracting attention and visits from the energy industry. Our team actively engaged with representatives and had insightful discussions on the challenges and opportunities in the natural gas industry. Through these interactions, we not only deepened our understanding of industry trends and customer needs but also established important partnerships. Furthermore, we participated in a series of forums and seminars, discussing topics such as the development of the natural gas industry, environmental technologies, and sustainable development. Our representatives delivered speeches and engaged in in-depth discussions with other experts, enhancing our reputation and expertise in the industry. Participating in CING2023 | The 13th Beijing International Natural Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition was a highly successful experience. Through the exhibition, we strengthened our position in the natural gas industry, established closer connections with peers, and showcased our innovation capabilities and technical strength. We will continue to strive for excellence, enhancing the quality of our products and services to meet the growing demands of our customers. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude for your support and participation, which contributed to the success of our exhibition. We look forward to future collaboration opportunities and jointly driving the development of the natural gas technology and equipment industry.

Xinhuafa Petro attend at 2023 NEFTEGAZ Russia Exhibition

Hebei Xinhuafa Petro participated the 2023 NEFTEGAZ Oil Exhibition in Moscow,Russia during Apr. 24th to 27th,2023,to show many customers our company and product of mud pump spares. As one of the largest world oil and gas exhibitions in the world, NEFTEGAZ was held succesfully by the Russian Oil and Gas Association and Department. Over 35,000 M2 exhibition space, and nearly 800 exhibitors attend this great show. This year China Exhibitor Group is the largest national group, more than 300 exhibitors. As the leading oil and gas drilling mud pump spares manufacturer company, Xinhuafa Petro is the second time to attend this show,First time,that is four years ago. Due to COVID-19 in the passed two years, the 2023 NEFTEGAZ is without doubt a successful show as more than 20000 professional visitors from all over the world participated NEFTEGAZ to share thoughts and newest technologies on all oil and gas equipment /products/ service. Many customers have been inviting to our booth to make a face-face meeting,that will helpful to our cooperation. Besides as a manufacturer of the mud pump spare parts,Xinhuafa Petro has a branch for oversea trading--Hebei Yingpai,which supply all the whole drilling rig equipment and spares based on the professional sourcing system. Products including clown block spares,drawworks spares,clutches,brakes,wellhead tools,and work over rig spares,solid control equipment,shaker,sandy pump,and so on,all can be provided  

Welcome to our booth: 21B13 We are waiting for you!

Welcome to our booth: 21B13 We are waiting for you!