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    Pumps & Mud Pump Spares


    Pumps & Mud Pump Spares Brewster ® Mud Pumps B-550   •   B-750  •   B-1000   •   1100T   •   B-1300 Continental Emsco ® Mud Pumps F-350  •  F-500  •  F-650  •  F-800  •  F-1000  •  FA-1300  •  FB-1600   FB1600 Gaso ® Mud Pump 1563  •  1740-55  •  1844-60  •  2010-50  •  2200-49  •  2651  •  2652 Gardner Denver ® Mud Pumps PAH  •  PZ-7   PZG  •  PZ-8   PZH  •  PZ-9  PZJ  •  PZ-10   PZK  •   PZ-11   PZL Gardner Denver ® Well Service TEE  •  PE-5  •  PA-8  •  PAH  •  PJ-8  • TGF-225 Gardner Denver ® Continuous Duty GD-55T  •  GD-60T  •  GD-100T  •  GD-125T  •  GD-150T  •  GD-180T  •  GD-200T Ideco ® Mud Pumps MM-200  •  MM-300  •  MM-500  •  MM-500F  •  MM-550 Ideco ® Mud Pumps MM-550F  •  MM-700  •  MM-700F  •  T-500 Ideco ® Mud Pumps T-500  •  T-800  •  T-1000  •  T-1300  •  T-1600 National ® J Series Mud Pumps J-30  •  J-60  •  J-100  •  J-165  •  J-275  •  J-375  •  J-625  •  JWS-340  •  JWS-400 National ® Mud Pumps K-280  •  K-380  •  K-500  •  K-500A  •  K-700A National ® P Series Mud Pumps 7P-50  •  8P-80  •  9P-100  •  10-P-130   10P-130   10-P-130  •  12-P-160 / 12P-160 / 12P160 Oilwell ® Mud Pumps A-350-PT  •  560-PT  •  A-560-PT  •  850-PT  •  A-850-PT  •  1100-PT Oilwell ® Mud Pumps A-1100-PT  •  1400-PT  •  A-1400-PT  •  1700-PT  •  A-1700-PT / A1700-PT OPI ® Mud Pumps 350-D •  00-DL  •  700-HDL  •  1000-HDL Wheatley ®  Mud Pumps 1036  •  6070  •  7024  •  7036   Below is a partial list of mud pump spares, mud pump replacement parts, and mud pump parts that we have available.   Bearing Housing Fluid End Discharge Module Right Hand Crosshead Bearing Retainer Fluid End Studs & Nuts Ring Gear Bearing Roller Full Open Valves Rubber Products Brake Cylinder Gardner Denver Lower Valve Guide Sheave Choke Valve Gland Brass And Junk Rings Spherical Roller Bearing Db-550 Stuffing Box Gland Nut Sprocket F-1000 Threaded Ring And Cap Ideco Mm-700 Duplex Piston Rod Studded Cylinder Module Crankshaft Ideco T-800 Pony Rod Suction Module Crosshead Bearing Pin Jackshaft Pinion Triplex Pump Piston Rod & Clamp Crosshead Liner Left Hand Crosshead Triplex Single Action Piston Discharge Module Needle Roller Bearing Valve Cover Duplex Pistons Oil Pressure Gauge Valve Seats Duplex Pump Liner Packing Cage Assembly Oil Pump Wear Plate Fail Safe Piston Pinion Shaft Web Valve Seats   Piston Rod Web Valves

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    CHROME-IRON LINERS(BIMETAL LINERS) The outer hull of this liner is a high strength forging 45# steel, and the inner sleeve is high chrome iron by centrifugally cast for a deeper hardness. Bore hardness is 59-65 Rockwell. The sleeve is then inserted into the hull at a tightness that exceeds its counterparts. The liner is rated to match the pressure up to 5,000 PSI and above and the extreme long service life to be around 1000h. ZIRCONIA-CERAMIC LINERS Zirconia-ceramic liner is produced from a unique Zirconium-based ceramic compound that is extremely pure and stabilized, so that it avoids Alumina-ceramic liners's brittle, and exhibits better polished, impact strenght, long lasting, tough, crack resistant than Alumina-ceramic liner. With these property advantages, the liners' sevice life will be greatly extended,and an indirect effect will reduce the friction between the liner and pistons, which in trun extends piston life and reduces pump-cooling requirements, and good performance on the high temperature application. Finally, it will save a huge cost for the drilling work. GASKETS&PACKINGS Gaskets and packings are two kinds of being made of high-quality synthetic rubber and polyurethane, both offers excellence performance in required application.  

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    Good luck for starting work at a new year


    Start work from today! Xinhuafa Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. send blessing for you all, wish you Happy New Year  In the New Year we hand in hand !Best of luck! Money is plentiful! Good luck to all of us!

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    one set pulley for F1000 mud pump


    One set pulley for F1000 unit is ready for delivery.

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