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    TSC Ideco T800 mud pump fluid end


    Xinhuafa can produce all series spare parts of TSC company.  TSC mud pump liners are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specification and API standards for almost all types of mud pumps in use today. TSC Workforce (WF) series mud pumps are developed to offer superior performance for a variety of drilling operations and work environments. TSC Mud pump and parts for model WF1300 triplex Pump,WF1300BH,WF1300,WF 1300C,WF1600A,WF1600B,WF1600BH,WF1600CH,WF1600L,WF1600LH,WF2000,WF2200.WF400,WF700.   IDECO T-500,T-800,T-1000 FLUID END MODULE & ACCESSORIES ITEM # TSC PART # DESCRIPTION 01 TS-551-458 FLUID END MODULE STUDDED - (INCLUDES ITEMS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) 02 TS-551-410-01 STUD, POWER FRAME 03 TS-IN-146 NUT,POWER FRAME STUD 04 TS-551-410-02 STUD, DISCHARGE MANIFOLD 05 TS-IN-146 NUT, DISCHARGE MANIFOLD STUD 06 TS-551-410-03 STUD, THREADED RING 07 TS-IN-146 NUT, THREADED RING STUD 08 TS-551-405-07 LOWER VALVE GUIDE ASSEMBLY (INCLUDES # 19 VALVE GUIDE BUSHING) 09 TS-551-422-04 RETAINER, LOWER VALVE GUIDE 10 TS-BTM16696309(G-783-Z) GASKET, VALVE COVER ,CYLINDER HEAD 11 G-783 LINER GASKET 12 TS-551-422-02 PLUG, CYLINDER HEAD 13 TS-551-405-03 THREADED RING 14 TS-551-405-04 THREADED PLUG RETAINER 15 TS-551-422-03 UPPER VALVE GUIDE 16 TS-551-405-05 NUT, LINER ADAPTER 17 TS-IO-548 GASKET, DISCHARGE MANIFOLD 18 TS-IO-521 GASKET, SUCTION MANIFOLD 19 TS-551-405-09 BUSHING, VALVE GUIDE

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    Plant equipment


    Plant equipment

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