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Mud pump cylinder liner

Mud pump cylinder liner

2019/05/27 10:04
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Mud pump cylinder liner is the main wearing part of mud pump in oil drilling and production machinery.
Mud pump cylinder liner include the bimetal cylinder liner - ceramic cylinder liner.
Bimetal cylinder liner
The bimetal cylinder liner combines the advantages of a forged anti-wear jacket and a high chromium wear-resistant anti-corrosion inner sleeve.The jacket is free forging, high chromium inner sleeve centrifugal casting, heat treatment hardness reached 62 rockwell C grade.Forgings, b>610MPa, b>610MPa, >450MPa, bb217%, hardness hb180-200 (cast coat hardness hb160-200).
Ceramic liner
Our company strictly controls the size of ceramic cylinder liner within the tolerance range to ensure easy installation, high finish, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for all kinds of harsh working environment.
It is composed of forged steel anti-wear jacket and ceramic lining.