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    20CB500 Air Tube Clutch


    20CB500 Air Tube Clutch Common Type Air Tube Clutch And Ventilated Type   Common Type LT300/100T,LT400/125T,LT500/125T,LT600/125T,LT700/135T,LT700/200T,LT800/135T,LT1070/200T(Russia)   Ventilated Type LT500/200T,LT500/250T,LT600/250T,LT700/250T,LT800/250T,LT900/250T,LT965/305T,LT1168/305T,LT1070/200T,LT1170/250T,LT1120/300T,LT1250/300T CB Air Tube Clutch 6CB200,8CB250,10CB300,12CB350,14CB400,16CB500,18CB500,20CB500,22CB500,24CB500   Air Tube Clutches are one of the most important transmission parts for drilling rigs and workover rigs, which are used to transmit torque and separate transmission system during operation. Air Tube Clutch has the character of clutch quick, smooth operation, clearance evenly, reliable and security. They are manufactured in accordance with the People's Republic of China natural gas industry standard SY/T6760-2010 air tube clutch for the oil drilling equipment, with the relevent requirements of oil drilling equipment, and EATON related structure design. Its main functions are: (1) transmit torque in power transmission systems, (2) acts as a clutch and transmit torque in the pump set, (3) can be used for pneumatic brake when emergency.

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    AH1301010409 BOMCO triplex mud pump F1300 F1600 fluid end parts AH36001-04.10


    we mainly make F800 1000 1300 1600 2200 pump and spare parts, such as manual brake valve, gear pump ,discharge strainer accessory ass manifold ,strainer, discharge pipe, bolt and nut ,connecting rod ,connectors,anti-shock pressure gauge, safety valve pin,gauge base and gauge seat ,elbow ,copper plate,dead line anchor ,kinds of joints,various torsion bars, different types of leaf spring ,kinds of valves,safety valve piston ,cylinder sleeve gland,rubber parts and so on If your friend want to buy this kind of parts we can make business soon .   AH050101050100 AH100101050100 AH100101050100 AH0501010502 AH1001010502 AH1001010502 AH0501010503 AH1001010503 AH1001010503 AH0501010504 AH1001010504 AH1001010504 AH050101050500 AH100101050500 AH100101050500 AH0501010506 AH1001010506 AH1001010506 ‘530301010750053000 ’530301010975035000 ‘530301010975035000 75*5.3 97.5*3.55 97.5*3.55 AH0501010507 AH0801010501 AH1001010507 AH0501010508 AH1001010508 AH1001010508 T503-1001 T503-1002 T503-1002 (M33X3X210) (M39X260) (M39X260) T507-2009 T507-2011 T507-2011 (M33X3) (M39X3) (M39X3) AH0501010509 AH1001010509 AH1001010509 AH0501010510 AH1001010510 AH1001010510 AH100101051100 AH100101051100 AH100101051100 AH0501010511 AH1001010512 AH1001010512       AH00000101 AH00000101 AH00000101 AH0000020500 AH0000020100 AH0000020100 T507-302.00 T507-305.00 T507-305.00 AH050101051400 AH100101051400 AH100102050100 ’530301010280035000 AH1001010515 AH1001010515 (GB3452.1-82) -     AH050101051500 AH080101050400 AH100101051900 AH0501010512 AH0801010502 AH1001010516 AH050101051300 AH100101052800 AH000003020100 AH050101052400 AH100101051700 AH100101051700 AH0501010516 AH1001010520 AH1001010520 AH0501010517 AH1001010521 AH1001010521 AH050101051800 AH100101052200 AH100101052200

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    Mud pump liner


    Mud hog pump is the "heart" of the oilfield drilling system, and mud pump liner is an important vulnerable parts of mud pump fluid end. The service time of oil drilling mud pump will be directly affected by service time of mud pump liner. Mud pump cylinder liner will contact with the high-temperature, high-pressure gas directly, and mud pump piston ring makes a high-speed reciprocating motion on the surface of the liner, which determines that the mud pump liner not only has sufficient strength and rigidity, but also must withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. NO. Liner Type Liner Introduction Features 1 Ceramic Liner Adopt the most advanced international toughened zirconium. Value of fracture toughness is K10~15MPa, value of resist-bent strength is σ600~800Mpa. Ceramic Liners can not only adapted to some tough environment such as deep oil reservoir, hard stratum and severe earthiness, but also can be used for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation. With advantages of wear-resistance, erosion-resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature- resistance, high strength, High thermal ratings and high hardness. ◎Reduced the cost of shipment, maintenance, labor and storage in the drilling works. ◎With better toughness properties and longer service life. ◎Reduced piston wears and water consumption for lubrication. 2 Bi-metal Liner It combines a forged wear-proof outer sleeve and a wear resistant and corrosion resistance inner sleeve with high chromium iron. After heat treatment, high chrome iron inner sleeve can reach a hardness of HRC≥61~64. It’s warmly welcomed by many oil-fields at home and abroad. ◎High temperature- resistance, high strength, High thermal ratings and high hardness. ◎Reduced the cost of shipment, maintenance, labor and storage in the drilling works.   3 Mono-metal Liner Carbon layer’s quenching thickness of inner bore reaches 1.5-1.8mm and hardness 58-60HRC ◎ Have characteristics of high hardness, high corrosion resistance, free of deformation and best surface finish   Mud Pump Liner Specifications:   Mud pump liner size (Metric) 90mm 100mm, 110mm,120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm Mud pump liner size (British) 4”,  4 1/2”,  5”,  5 1/2”,  6”  ,6 1/4” , 6 1/2”,  6 3/4” , 7” , 7 1/2”,  8”   Mud pump liner we provided can be suitable with these pump liners BOMCO F500 mud pump, F800 mud pump, bomco F1000 mud pump, F1300 mud pump, bomco F1600 mud pump, F-1600HL high pressure mud pump, F-2200HL mud pump Honghua F-1300 mud pump, F-1600 mud pump, 3NB-1600HL mud pump, 3NB-2200HL mud pump National Oilwell 7P-50 mud pump, 8P-80 mud pump, 9P-100 mud pump, 10P-130 mud pump, 12P-160 mud pump, 14P-220 mud pump Emsco F-500 mud pump, F-800 mud pump, F-1000 mud pump, F-1300 mud pump, F-1600 mud pump, FB-1300 mud pump, FB-1600 mud pump Gardner Denver PZ-7 mud pump, PZ-8 mud pump, PZ-9 mud pump, PZ-10 mud pump, PZ-11 mud pump Ideco T-800 mud pump, T-1000 mud pump, T-1300 mud pump, T-1600 mud pump Gardner Denver 7.5*10” FY FXD mud pump; 7.5*8” FY FXX mud pump , 5*10” FD FXD mud pump Oilwell A-850-PT mud pump, A-1400-PT mud pump, A-1700-PT mud pump Russian pumps UNB600, UNBT950, UNBT950L, UNBT1180   Mud pump liner pressure ratings, example of F-1600 oil rig pump: Strokes/minute OD of mud pump liner(mm)Rated working pressure(MPa) ② Mud pump liner size OD(mm) Φ180 Φ170 Φ160 Φ150 Φ140 Φ130 Rated working pressure(MPa) F-1300 18.5 20.7 23.4 26.6 30.5 34.3 F-1600 22.7 25.5 28.8 32.7 34.3 34.3 Rated Power  ② Displacement( L/S)① F-1300 kW F-1600 kW ( HP ) ( HP ) 130 1036 1275 50.42 44.97 39.83 35.01 30.5 26.3   -1408 -1733 120 956 1176 46.54 41.51 36.77 32.32 28.15 24.27   -1300 -1600 110 876 1078 42.66 38.05 33.71 29.62 25.81 22.25   -1192 -1467 100 797 980 38.78 34.59 30.64 26.93 23.46 20.23   -1083 -1333 90 717 882 34.9 31.13 27.58 24.24 21.11 18.21   -975 -1200 1 —— —— 0.3878 0.3459 0.3064 0.2693 0.2346 0.2023  

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    Valve & Seat Pullers and Kits


    Valve &seat Pullers and Kits Pulls seat safely, quickly, and efficiently no chance of damage to seat deck A complete line of puller heads for any brand seat(full open type,4 web type,3 stem type) Split-jaw and pancake heads for full-open seats; J-hook heads for stem-guided seats  

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