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20CB500 Air Tube Clutch

20CB500 Air Tube Clutch

2022/04/25 11:30
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20CB500 Air Tube Clutch

Common Type Air Tube Clutch And Ventilated Type


Common Type LT300/100T,LT400/125T,LT500/125T,LT600/125T,LT700/135T,LT700/200T,LT800/135T,LT1070/200T(Russia)


Ventilated Type LT500/200T,LT500/250T,LT600/250T,LT700/250T,LT800/250T,LT900/250T,LT965/305T,LT1168/305T,LT1070/200T,LT1170/250T,LT1120/300T,LT1250/300T

CB Air Tube Clutch 6CB200,8CB250,10CB300,12CB350,14CB400,16CB500,18CB500,20CB500,22CB500,24CB500


Air Tube Clutches are one of the most important transmission parts for drilling rigs and workover rigs, which are used to transmit torque and separate transmission system during operation. Air Tube Clutch has the character of clutch quick, smooth operation, clearance evenly, reliable and security. They are manufactured in accordance with the People's Republic of China natural gas industry standard SY/T6760-2010 air tube clutch for the oil drilling equipment, with the relevent requirements of oil drilling equipment, and EATON related structure design. Its main functions are: (1) transmit torque in power transmission systems, (2) acts as a clutch and transmit torque in the pump set, (3) can be used for pneumatic brake when emergency.